Uplifting aromathery blends to produce  the  memorable experience of using a soap bar that is by name the star of the celestial sky! Heaven indeed, with the synergy of  Orange, Patchouli, Lavender, Lemongrass & Cinnamon Essential Oils. The scent is of citrus Lemongrass and something else that doesn't come to you straight  away. It's kind of camphorus courtesy of the Patchouli but balanced by the Orange and then comes alive with fruity scent. There's some pleasure in this. Cinnamon is so luxurious it deserves to be here.  And the soap is plentifull,  natural, handcrafted & unpretentious. Rather than give you a clean cut bar what you see is what you get straight from the block. Rather than waste the extra grams tidying up, you can have them, 100g plus. Handcrafted with love, enjoy!

Heaven Organic Soap

SKU: Heaven
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