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Gorgeous handmade soap, not less than 90g, with a blend of active essential oils, lavender, lemongrass, patchouli, orange and cinnamon. Lavender essential oil is both antiseptic & antifungal, historically used to treat wounds, & stimulate cell regeneration.  Essential oils are called active substances because they effect the body (& sometimes mind) in certain ways. Lemongrass is good for skin infections, but for our purpose, it is a  divine natural scent when combined with those other essential oils. //


Heaven Soap

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  • This is a blended soap, made via a hot process method to ensure freshness and availability. The hot process method is not for first time soap makers and requires some expertise. Although the bars are not as smooth as those made via the cold process method, they do have the advantage that essential oils are added at the very last moment, so retaining more of their presence,  in the body of the product. Sheabutterate is added for its high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins. Patchouli is rich and spicy, combined with orange & cinnamon, lavender & lemongrass, to impart the benefits of these lovely oils and to keep you clean!