It's  organic shaving soap with the scent of cedarwood and it's gorgeous! You can use it to wash your face, beard, legs or whatever prior to shaving & because it's specifically designed to glide by having Kaolin in it, lather up and get the razor out! Let me tell you about Cedarwood and some of the ingredients.  Cedarwood  has a warm,  calm, resinous, woody essence, & is also insecticidal, astringent & anti-fungal & it's been around for a long time since the Earth is covered in trees. Think relaxed in crisp clean linen sheets on a cold frosty night, warm, comfortable & protected from the elements & having so much wisdom yourself!  The Shea Butter  helps prevent the skin drying out too much as it has oleic, stearic, palmitic, and linolenic acids that protect and nourish. The packaging is natural glassine made out of biodegradable woodpulp. 

Phoenix Organic Shaving Soap

SKU: Phoenix
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